Federico Fazio Sport July 16thEvery day there seems to be claims in the Spanish media about Federico Fazio and Espanyol. And every day it’s the same thing – Tottenham Hotspur are asking too much for Espanyol to complete a straight transfer.

Catalan newspaper Sport reports on Saturday ‘the amounts demanded by his current club Tottenham are not bearable’.

But, yet again, there’s no amount mentioned. Therefore it’s impossible to know whether Tottenham are asking too much or Espanyol are simply not able to accept even a small fee.

Thankfully, despite that, there’s been some progress. Sport say negotiations are continuing and Fazio will arrive at Espanyol on a loan deal. The Spanish club will pay a loan fee, pay Fazio’s wages, and have an option next year to purchase him for what they think is a reasonable fee.

This has now edged along so much that Sport expect the deal to be announced ‘in coming days’.