Radio Kiss Kiss in Naples are Napoli’s ‘official radio station’, and there are claims on Saturday they’ve said Gonzalo Higuain is set to sign for Arsenal.

ItsaSportPress, part of the Gazzetta dello Sport network, say Kiss Kiss said ‘Higuain will go to Arsenal’.

They further explain: ‘According to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, the official radio station of the Neapolitan club, the rumours about Juventus are true, but in the end Pipita will go abroad. Arsenal will be the next team of the former Real Madrid player: the Gunners, who have put on the plate 50 million Euros plus the card of French striker Olivier Giroud, are looking to make some cash with sales in order to increase the economic part of ‘offering.’

That would fit in with claims from Naples on Friday that if Higuain was to leave, Napoli would much prefer he went to Arsenal.

There is nothing on the Kiss Kiss website about this yet, and nothing on their Twitter feed. We’ll have to take the word of ItsaSportPress.

Update: A little further digging reveals that the claims were made by Francesco Marciano on the station. Digging some more reveals he works for the station, since 2005, rather than simply being a guest.

However, Area Napoli carry some comments, which we assume are from the same segment, of Marciano saying: “I state that Napoli wants to try to retain Higuain, offering a renewal. When selling Pipita, he will go abroad, Paris Saint Germain and Arsenal the most likely destinations. I’m sure that he will not go to Juventus. I know that the English club is trying to raise money by selling Koscielny for €50m.”

Not quite as certain as ‘Higuain will go to Arsenal’.

Calcio Napoli 24 think they heard something slightly different, and they quote Marciano as saying: “Almost certainly the Argentine will go to Arsenal, indeed, I am convinced. for now, the offer of the Gunners is 50 million plus Giroud. Arsenal is trying to raise cash with some assignments to increase the economic part of the offer. PSG are also watching.”

Make of all that what you will.