A Bola go big on Saturday with claims about William Carvalho being a potential replacement for Eric Dier at Tottenham Hotspur.

The Portuguese media won’t miss a chance to try and sell players in the country, especially Carvalho, and the added link that Dier used to play for Sporting makes the story irresistible for A Bola.

Dier’s low cost transfer to Tottenham, moving from Sporting for around €5m in 2014, really annoyed the club’s president Bruno de Carvalho. Sporting had for some time been trying to get Dier to sign a new contract with a huge buyout clause, but the English midfielder wasn’t keen, knowing it would limit his future options.

Since then, Sporting’s president has been willing to slap a €40m+ clause on any player in Sporting’s youth system who looks vaguely promising. William Carvalho has a clause of €45m, but it’s thought Sporting would accept €30m.

A Bola’s big plan for Tottenham is that they sell Dier to Manchester United for €50m, and sign Carvalho for €30m, making a big profit in the process.

Whilst it’s stated Tottenham ‘prepare an attack’ to sign Carvalho, this all seems a little too opportunistic, and based on assumption and perhaps hope, rather than genuine inside information.