Toby Alderweireld may have played his last game for Tottenham Hotspur, point out Belgian newspaper HLN.

In a crazy match against Leicester City on Sunday, the defender saw four goals from the opposition, something he won’t be happy about, but was able to come away with victory.

The Premier League season is now over, and with so much doubt around Alderweireld’s future, HLN”s suggestion he may have already said goodbye is a fair one. In Belgium it’s been reported for a while that an exit is on the cards, with both sides tired of renewal negotiations.

Back in March, the same Belgian newspaper said Tottenham had grown tired of the ‘bickering’ around a new Alderweireld contract, and Daniel Levy was eyeing a transfer fee of around €50m.

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It’s reiterated that Spurs ‘hope’ to receive ‘tens of millions’ for their player, and PSG, Barcelona and Manchester United are named as interested.

Whilst PSG interest would be sensible for the French club (as we’ve already explained), there’s been hardly anything on this in the usually well informed Parisian media.

The same goes for Barcelona and the Catalan media, and English claims of Manchester United interest perhaps haven’t been as fervent as common sense would dictate they should be.

This would suggest Alderweireld isn’t sending his representatives around Europe just yet, which could give at least some hope for a Tottenham stay.