Don Balon have nothing if not imagination, and with a headline reading ‘Pep Guardiola sticks his finger in the wound: 70 million for a crack of Barça’, it’s clear they have a new favourite Manchester City claim.

Having banged on for months about the Premier League club wanting Isco and building all kinds of player plus cash deals for the Spanish international, perhaps Don Balon have a new route for the freshly crowned English champions.

And that’s Ivan Rakitic. The pair have been linked before, both by Spain’s imagineers-in-chief and others, but this time Don Balon seem to want to make it as personal as possible between Guardiola and Barcelona.

Claiming Guardiola ‘wants to hurt Barca’, it’s stated the Manchester City manager has an ‘obsession’ to improve his midfield, and has chosen Rakitic.

Because of that, a €70m offer would be set to arrive from the club.

Barcelona don’t want to sell, Rakitic is said to be happy, and at 30 years of age a €70m City offer would seem hard to believe even if the claim didn’t come from Don Balon.