Remember when the Estudiantes president Juan Sebastian Veron was flying to London to sell Juan Foyth to Tottenham Hotspur? That was just a few days ago.

La Plata newspaper El Dia claimed the Tottenham transfer was pretty close to being done, as the president’s trip was only to seal the deal.

But the same outlet is publishing a new update every single day, and things are always more complicated. The Tottenham transfer isn’t described as unlikely, but with a few difficulties that weren’t mentioned before.

El Dia say that Veron is already in Europe to sell the defender. However, even after giving details about his flight to the English capital, this time they don’t say London, they say Europe.

According to El Dia, Tottenham are still the club ‘with most chances’ to sign the youngster, but it doesn’t mean they’re the only. Veron ‘doesn’t close the door’ to any other side who match Spurs’ offer for the player, and there’s an Italian club who recently joined the race.

Selling Foyth is a priority right now. Not only because of Veron’s trip to Europe, but also because the club need the money to sort financial problems out before next week. At first, it even sounded like a good argument for Tottenham to try to get a bargain, but now it’s looking like a reason why the club shouldn’t take long before closing this deal.

Otherwise, there are others who could, or perhaps it’s all being made more difficult to create artificial pressure on Tottenham.