On Tuesday, we covered claims from Italy that Everton have made it clear to Juventus they have no intention to renegotiate the deal for Moise Kean.

The 22-year-old returned to Italy on loan last summer, with a deal which lasts for two years and has a purchase clause at the end of it. That clause becomes active should the Turin club qualify for the Champions League next season, which is seen as a near certainty.

Juventus had wanted Everton to be a little flexible and offer better terms, but the Toffees simply shut the door.

Calciomercato now say the Serie A side ‘should in fact immediately buy Kean outright’, which would represent a win for Everton. That will cost the club the loan payment for next season, put at €4m, plus a €28m transfer fee which could reach €31m with added bonuses.

Juventus will then look for a ‘third solution’, which would be selling the forward to another club. This is without Everton having to get involved, other than accepting the early conclusion of the deal.

The extra money will be a boost for Frank Lampard’s summer budget.