Even before Jesé was loaned to Stoke City, we kept an eye what the Spanish winger was doing, mostly because it was comical and quite entertaining.

That’s one of the reasons why when the Paris Saint-Germain forward was signed by the Potters, we had a weird feeling it wasn’t the coup many labeled it as.

Even when he scored on his debut, we were still bracing ourselves for something controversial to happen that would shatter this façade he’d managed to quickly create.

It took longer than expected, but it happened last week when the winger, given time off by Stoke to go see his son in Spain (it’s worth noting the club have been very good with that particular situation), didn’t return on time, deciding to travel to the Canary Islands for a reggaeton concert instead.

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Well, this entire situation is likely to cause the Paris Saint-Germain board to bite their nails a bit, as there’s a likely fear they will struggle to sell their £22.5m investment in the summer.

Loïc Tanzi, a journalist for SFR Sport, explained the situation in France is seen as rather ‘worrying’, especially since the Stoke loanee isn’t training anymore, and he would be ‘difficult to sell’ under the circumstances.

It seems very unlikely Paul Lambert and co. will be pushing to sign Jesé on a permanent basis, and our bet is they’re probably looking forward to seeing him once again become Paris Saint-Germain’s problem.