Jese Rodriguez has been located. Hurrah!

Stoke City gave the PSG loan player time off again to visit his poorly son this week, but Jese failed to return on time and hasn’t been in training.

Clearly having enough by this stage, Stoke have made it clear they don’t know where the former Real Madrid player is and have got to the stage that they no longer care so much.

Jese will soon be PSG’s problem again and the French club can further regret signing him in the first place.

When Jese joined Stoke City and the club made a big song and dance of him being a former Real Madrid wonderkid, just needing a break, we voiced a word of caution.

Back in July 2016, Sport Witness covered reports from Spain of Real Madrid concerns over Jese’s reggaeton career. The footballer had released a record and was making an attempt to become a music star.

He made a remix of a song called Yo sabía (I know) in collaboration with Alexis & Fido, De La Ghetto and Carlitos Rossy.

Marca voiced concerns over the ‘sexually charged’ video and the flaunting of ‘luxury’ in it, but Jese was said to be determined to ‘fight for his dream of being a star of regaeton’.

There were concerns Jese was losing his focus and there were attitude problems.

Following that theme, Spain’s Radioset say they’ve found the Stoke City player, and he’s in the Canary islands preparing for a reggaeton concert with the singer Justin Quiles.

It’s claimed that as well as not showing up at Stoke, Jese also hasn’t been showing up at the hospital where his sick son is, a situation which has caused several public spats with his ex girlfriend Aurah Ruiz.

According to the claims, Puerto Rican star Quiles has a concert on Saturday and has confirmed in a live Instagram broadcast that Jese will be there.

Earlier this month Ruiz raged on social media that, having been given time off from Stoke City to visit his son in a Madrid hospital, Jese had instead gone partying in Barcelona.

The footballer then responded via Instagram with a photograph of himself outside a hospital, with the message: ‘Today, April 6, 2018, I went to visit my son and to speak personally with his surgeon, (every day I do it by phone) of his evolution. And they only allowed me to be with him for 5 minutes. Preventing me from spending more time with him. It’s not that I do not want to be with my son, it’s that they put a thousand impediments to it.’