Liverpool star Mohamed Salah has given an exclusive interview to ESPN Brasil this week, which turned out to be a big deal for the TV channel.

With the South American country having a huge number of Liverpool fans’, the player’s popularity has soared in the past few months. It’s been quite common to see people celebrating when they find Salah World Cup stickers.

Full of smiles, the 25-year-old has had a nice chat with ESPN Brasil, not only celebrating the great season he’s been having, but also talking about the affection he’s been getting.

First asked about the Player of the Year Award, Salah named a few other players who should compete with him.

“If you ask me, in my opinion, I deserve it,” Salah told ESPN. “Also De Bryune deserves it, Silva also had a great season, he deserves it. Also other players, David De Gea deserves it, Harry Kane did a great season, he deserves it. So all of us try to help our teams to get their points, to be in a better position. Each one deserves it.”

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The player talked about the ‘Egyptian King’ song Liverpool fans have been singing to him: “Yes, it’s very nice. I’ve had some songs, but this is the most beautiful. I like it so much. I love to hear it in the stadium. Even some players sing it in the dressing room. I like it, it like it so much.”

Salah also commented on the Egyptian flags he’s been seeing at Anfield Road: “It’s something that touches my heart. Because it’s always a good feeling when you see the flag, when you see the people, when you hear your name in the stands.

“I’m very happy about that, I’m very proud, it’s something that makes me work harder and put pressure on myself to give more and to perform better.”

Regarding the charity donations he makes in Egypt, Salah said: “I never forget where I came from. It’s always in my mind. I don’t think there are many differences between me, you and someone else. It’s just human beings.

“In the end you do your job in the best way, I do my job in the best way, so… Always when I have a chance to go back to my village, I always go. I always remember myself where I came from. That’s what I can say.”

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah continues to be a thoroughly likeable footballer.