Ivan Perisic’s toothache has been the subject of much laughter from football fans around the world, who suspect it may be something to do with a potential Manchester United transfer.

It’s not that they’re cold hearted and find Perisic’s pain funny, although some may do, it’s more that nobody really believes him. ‘Going to the dentist’ is such a frequently used excuse that Perisic dropping it so he could leave Inter Milan’s training camp is simply very funny.

Travelling from Italy to Croatia to see his own personal dentist only helps to underline the doubt, and toothache has become ‘toothache -nudge, nudge, wink, wink’.

Sunday’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport explains that whilst Perisic’s toothache was genuine, he had an abscess, it probably didn’t requiring him travelling to another country, or leaving Inter’s camp at all.

Perisic has had an agreement to join Manchester United ‘for some time’, say Gazzetta, and hopes a move to Old Trafford can be sorted out quickly.

Such is his desire to sign for Manchester United, Gazzetta say Perisic ‘will do anything’ to avoid getting on the plane to China for Inter’s preseason. That plane leaves on Tuesday, so time is now pressing.

Manchester United don’t want to pay the €55m Inter are asking, report Gazzetta, and whilst suggestions of using Anthony Martial are touched upon by the Italian newspaper, there’s not too much conviction.

Keita Balde is presented as a possible option for Inter, with just a year left on his Lazio contract.