A week ago Portuguese newspaper Record reported a €25m offer had been made by Everton for Adrien Silva, that was after Tottenham were said to have proposed €20m for the same player.

It was a huge big report, one of the biggest they’d published that weekend, taking up almost two pages.

In Sunday’s edition of the same Portuguese newspaper, it’s stated that ‘no official offer’ has actually arrived, somewhat contradicting all the earlier claims, however, Sporting now expect it to happen.

Everton and Tottenham are once again named as the suitors for Adrien Silva, and Record believe that a sale this summer is ‘very probable’.

Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho is finishing his honeymoon, and his task is now to get €30m for Adrien, and another €30m for William Carvalho.

Sporting want all of that upfront, it’s unlikely either Everton or Tottenham would be happy to agree to such terms.

After initial offers were claimed from both clubs, now they really have to make an offer… it’s all very confusing and conflicting.