A whole new slant was brought to the Samu Saiz saga on Thursday. Delving deep into the Spanish media for any updates possible, Sport Witness found a report from Aragon TV which stated: “It’s edging ever closer.”

That isn’t new, but Alexander Gonzalez certainly was, with it being stated the Venezuelan international is expected to join Saiz on his Championship adventure.

Radio Huesca have picked up the trail, and they say ‘a lot of work’ is being put in by the sporting directive of SD Huesca to try and get a deal done, and it’s very close to being so.

It’s also stated that Gonzalez, a midfielder who can also play out wide, will join Saiz. They don’t credit Aragon TV so one would have to assume this is either their own information or they’re quite happy to lift stories without credit.

At the moment the ‘details’ of the transfer are being sorted out, and there doesn’t seem to be anything imminent about this. Radio Huesca don’t push the idea of Saiz arriving at Elland Road very quickly, at least not today.