The Chilean media is today full of quotes from Universidad de Chile striker Angelo Henriquez, who’s been interviewed by CDF.

This name shouldn’t sound strange for Manchester United fans, since the player belonged to the Red Devils for a few years.

Signed in a €5.5m deal in 2012, Henriquez was brought to Old Trafford as a promising South American prospect. But it turned out that he didn’t have many chances to play for the Red Devils, and ended up being sold to Dinamo Zagreb in 2015.

Speaking to CDF, Henriquez said he had to force his way out to make the move, since manager Jorge Sampaoli wanted to keep him at La U.

“There was a conversation but after having made the decision. For me it was an opportunity that I could not pass up and I had to take it,” he said (via RedGol).

“He told me of his annoyance that the team was de-empowered. He was a little upset because other players had left him, and maybe he had no way to control what was going on.”

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In his time at Manchester United, Angelo Henriquez was loaned out to Wigan Athletic, Real Zaragoza and Dinamo Zagreb. Following his permanent transfer to the Croatian side, he moved to Atlas, and returned to Universidad de Chile in 2018.

Still, he claims he keeps in touch with a few Manchester United players from that time.

“I still have fond memories of that place. I still have contact with Rafael and Fabio, they received me very well when I arrived. With Chicharito, David de Gea, all those who speak Spanish and Portuguese, I keep in touch with them, they are very good people, despite the stars they are, they remain grounded.”