Axel Witsel may well be feeling a little dizzy this morning. After Belgium’s defeat to Wales on Friday night, the squad then flew from Lille to Bordeaux, at the other side of France, where their Euro 2016 base has been.

After a quick sleep, the Belgium squad then flew to Brussels, where they arrived at around 8am this morning. Brussels is around a 90 minute drive from Lille, and yet Belgium went via the other side of France.

Once Witsel’s head stops spinning, he’s got some decisions to make about his future. Belgium’s DH says the player is between an Everton or a Napoli transfer, with his father saying the Everton interest is ‘very real’.

Witsel’s future is discussed at length every window, he wants to leave Zenit and join a more prominent league. He’ll be on big wages, and his Zenit contract lasts until June 2017.

With Witsel playing in Russia it’s hard to know his current level. If it were to be judged on Belgium’s game against Wales then it’s not very high at all. However, he comes with a big reputation and quite a bit of experience.

Italian clubs have wanted Witsel for a long time, and now may be their best chance as his price must surely have come down a little given the contract situation.