Signed from Leeds United last summer, Pontus Jansson was immediately placed as Brentford’s captain and was key (until his hip injury) in helping the Championship club into a playoff spot with 60 points from the first 37 games.

The centre-back is now at home, like everyone else, on lockdown, and took some time out from his training and relaxing with his family to have a chat with FotbollDirekt in Sweden.

Among the topics discussed was the decision of Brentford players to agree to a pay cut during these trying times.

Jansson explained: “I’m the captain at Brentford and we were one of the first clubs in the Championship where the players agreed to lower their wages to help the club. It was decided last week.

“It was quite a hassle to get the players together and get them to accept it, but we found a really good solution with the club and it turned out well”.

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Unlike other footballers who might be keeping fit at home, Jansson still travels to Brentford’s facility to do his exercises, which he does three hours a week, one hour at a time.

However, the fact he is doing so feels a bit futile for the player.

He explained: “But I don’t know what I’m training for, because we don’t know when we’ll start again. My wife is always worried about the police stopping me, and what to say to them, but I’ll just say I’m using my daily pass (as in the one time he’s allowed to leave the house for the day for exercise)”.

Furthermore, he made it clear he isn’t allowed to leave the country, and nor are his teammates, as Brentford want to make sure everyone is around in case things start back up again rather than having to wait for everyone to get flights back over.