Norwich City goalkeeper Tim Krul believes the Premier League may return in the middle of May but admits it’s looking ‘impossible’ at this moment in time.

Football across England, indeed, Europe, is currently at a standstill as countries try to limit the spread of COVID-19.

England’s governing body had initially suspended football until the end of April, with a hope that the season could return after that and be finished before the end of June.

That, though, is looking like an unfeasible target, given Coronavirus continues to spread and death tolls continue to rise in the country.

In the current climate football has to take a back seat, with help put first, and the Norwich man admits he is ‘gloomy’ about the prospect.

“As it looks, we are going to train again on May 14 with the intention of completing the competition from mid-June,” he told VTBL.  

“So now we actually have the summer break. It is resting, recovering and then soon again full gear.

“It is subject to change because everything depends on government guidelines. Playing football in empty stadiums? Every player thinks that is dramatic, but if they have to, they have to. 

“Whether the Premier League will really return? I am gloomy, but it is too early to rule it out.

“It seems impossible, but I hope so. These are the months in which the prizes are normally distributed.”

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Norwich will be particularly keen to discover whether the season can be finished, with their Premier League status currently hanging in the balance.

The Canaries sit bottom of the table at present but are just six points from safety and set to play several relegation rivals in their remaining games.

Krul is keen to seen those games take place but insists health must be placed above all else first.

“Yes, we are at the bottom in England.

“But we still have to compete against a few competitors, and the difference with the safe places is only six points.

“Anything could still happen. However, if there is a risk, however small, then we don’t want to play out. There are more important things: health. We are not going to risk lives.”

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Footballers in England have found themselves coming in for criticism in recent weeks, with many calling for them to cut their wages amid the ongoing pandemic.

There is a feeling they should follow their European counterparts and take a pay cut, with Health Minister Matt Hancock even calling them out over the matter.

Krul has hit back at the criticism, though, insisting the focus should be on getting the right equipment into hospitals before attacking footballers.

“Please let politicians make sure that there is enough material for the hospitals first!” he added.

“And that we can all be tested! That seems more important to me than requiring all Premier League players to hand in 30 per cent of their salary.

The same goes for the young football player, who still lives at his parents’ house and does not have a big contract at all, so he has to hand in thirty per cent?

“Many boys are surprised that they tackle the top men of the multinationals! Pay taxes, but make billions. Let them lead by example. With players, it really comes from themselves.”