After sacking Edgardo Bauza, Argentina now look for a good replacement. And although Jorge Sampaoli seems to be the AFA’s number one, people keep asking for other names. Former national team striker Claudio Caniggia was interviewed by local ESPN Radio (via Olé), and gave his opinion on the situation.

He’s one of those who wouldn’t have Sampaoli as a priority, and named two other managers instead, including Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino.

“There are other managers who certainly have much more of a name. If you tell me to name one or two managers I say Pochettino and Simeone. They’ve done many things more.”

“Let’s say the truth, they’re making a fortune in Europe, I don’t know how much can they pay in Argentina.”

This Monday, Argentine newspaper La Nación revealed that Pochettino turned down the chance to manage Argentina during the last summer. So although he’s said to have the job as a dream, it seems that Tottenham is the most important project for him right now.

And despite the many requests, Pochettino isn’t a strong name in Argentina right now. The final decision should really be Sampaoli or Simeone. They were both part of the list of managers who rejected the job at the start of the season, so it would be interesting to see one of them taking a different decision now.