The Jeroen Zoet and PSV transfer situation got a little awkward towards the end of the summer transfer window, and Crystal Palace found themselves in the middle of it.

In early August a €6m offer for Zoet was claimed, with Crystal Palace named as the club involved in the chase. A few days before the close of the window, Zoet’s frustration was shared with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. 

The goalkeeper believed he’d been assured he could leave PSV for a reasonable fee. Crystal Palace and Newcastle United had apparently been told they could sign Zoet for around €5-6m, but PSV ended up asking for double that, according to leaks from the player’s camp.

PSV quickly hit back, saying there hadn’t even been offers for Zoet, from Crystal Palace, Newcastle or anyone else.

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The transfer window closed, and Zoet remained where he was, but as explained by Eindhoven Dagblad, his intention on a transfer hasn’t changed one bit, he still wants out.

On the pitch, Zoet has been excellent, justifying any interest in him, but also justifying a higher price. A transfer is still a good bet, even as early as January, with Crystal Palace seeming the likelier destination than Newcastle United.

Palace have a goalkeeper quality issue regardless of who their manager is, and probably have a greater need than Newcastle.