Alexis Sanchez seems have a rather unfortunate habit of getting caught laughing or smirking at Arsenal’s misfortune whilst sat on the bench.

Added to that, the Chilean also has the added misfortune of the majority of onlookers then seeing that as a negative thing, at least towards Arsenal.

The whole thing means that any time Sanchez is sat on Arsenal’s bench, there’ll be a group of cameras focused upon him, waiting for the next act.

Seemingly finding Alexandre Lacazette’s miss against Chelsea hilarious, Sanchez has received some criticism. Given it’s not the first time this kind of thing has happened, the criticism could be much worse, but with Sanchez’s time at Arsenal almost certainly ending, perhaps it helps him escape.

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Over in Chile, La Tercera have asked fans to give their opinion on Sanchez’s bench antics, and some back him up.

‘The English don’t understand anything about the extroverted behaviour of anyone. Alexis, that’s the way he is, he’s a bit childish, otherwise he’s joking with Ospina, and it has nothing to do with Lacazette.’

‘We know that Alexis is not making fun of the player. The rest is the use of English media.’

‘Again these journalists highlight only the negative…. then complain that players do not give interviews.’

It’s not all pro-Sanchez, and even some Chilean fans think the player needs to act more professionally.

‘Poor Maravilla, is already in decline, he spent 10 minutes of fame. Your next destination China or Mexico.’

‘These things baffle me about Alexis. Mature at once Sanchez!’

Alexis Sanchez mania isn’t universal in Chile right now, largely thanks to the country’s poor World Cup Qualifying campaign, and the Arsenal player’s role in it.

Whilst some Chilean fans may insist Sanchez is doing nothing wrong and his reactions as simply his childish nature, or a nervous thing, others believe it to be an example of arrogance, something they feel has also impacted upon the national team.