Manchester City forward Nolito landed at San Pablo airport this morning, ready for his transfer to Sevilla.

Nolito touched down at 10.45am, and was quickly met by a photographer working for local sport newspaper, the very well connected Estadio Deportivo.

Nolito has made no secret of his desire to return to Spanish football, and Sevilla is a good move for the player, with the transfer helping his chances of making Spain’s World Cup squad.

Having been burnt previously by Sevilla on loans, Manchester City have been determined to get a permanent deal, even if that’s at a reduced price.

First it was reported Manchester City would get around €10m, then it dropped to €9m, and now Estadio Deportivo report Sevilla are paying €8m. Still, anything is better than a loan and then Sevilla finding a myriad of reasons not to use a buying clause, for a player who turns 31 years of age in October.

Nolito is now expected to sign his Sevilla contract and then head off to Japan on preseason with the Spanish club.