Earlier on Wednesday, we covered part of an interview with Mauricio Pochettino from Sport/Foot in Belgium where the Spurs manager hinted he could be staying at White Hart Lane for a long time.

Explaining this Tottenham side was mid revamp, the Argentinean manager said time was what was needed most for his side to compete with the bigger powerhouses in the Premier League, suggesting he wanted to be the one to oversee this rise.


Finishing fifth, third and now on course to be second in his third season in charge at White Hart Lane, few fans will want to see him go, and as things stand, that isn’t on the agenda.

Asked if he felt like the new Arsène Wenger or new Sir Alex Ferguson, he said: “People are less and less patient. Today, people need results straight away. Those two managers are exceptional cases, very hard to imitate. Leicester were champions, and that might never happen again.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 12.29.30“There might never be another Ferguson or Wenger. It’s becoming harder and harder, but maybe I’ll manage to do it with Tottenham…”

While he might not be sacked if he were to lose five games in a row, Pochettino is fully aware that times are changing.

As for how long he intends to stay at Spurs, he said: “When I’m not motivated anymore, when I’ll struggle to get up and go to the training centre, when I don’t feel happy anymore.

“That’s what happened at Espanyol. At a certain point, I felt that I couldn’t continue anymore and the end was near. Football is comprised of emotions.”

Judging by how things are going, and with a trophy edging nearer and nearer to White Hart Lane, that doesn’t appear to be anytime soon.