Manchester United’s pathetic 1-0 defeat to West Bromwich Albion at Old Trafford has obviously made José Mourinho quite upset.

The manager wasn’t afraid of putting the blame on his players, and that’s what he did when speaking to the press after the game.

Besides the press conference, Mourinho has had an exclusive chat with reporter João Castelo Branco, from ESPN Brasil, and was asked if the team got to the game a bit more relaxed after the 3-2 win against Manchester City.

Mourinho, who always feels more comfortable when speaking in Portuguese, complained about the lack of effectiveness from his players when they had the ball.

“The team complicated everything. Good football, quality football, is played fast, thinking fast and running fast, and we were all the opposite. One more touch, one more pass, one more spin, one more trick.”

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“Nothing was simple, nothing was effective. And a team that just defended and gave their luck to a set piece, we gave them the opportunity to win the game. I think it was a good punishment for the way we mainly started the game.”

Mourinho also didn’t accept the responsibility for giving Manchester City the title. During the interview, he claimed he’s “been champion eight times, and never liked that someone said they were champions because some team lost”.

Now in the race for the second place, Manchester United are visiting Dean Court as they face Bournemouth this Wednesday night.