This week, we had already covered a story from Spanish outlet Marca which described the ‘Nunomania’ going on in Wolverhampton this season.

The story explained the big affection the manager has been getting from the club’s fans, and all the products that have been sold with his name and face on.

Now it’s time for the Portuguese press to do the exact same thing. Even the term ‘Nunomania’ is used again, this time by newspaper Record.

The outlet writes that Premier League promotion has made Nuno Espírito Santo a ‘local hero’, with the season already making him a ‘Wolves idol’, regardless of the possible Championship title.

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Record shows the t-shirts and scarves with Nuno’s name, and also reports that there are restaurants offering him free meals, besides local beer brands honouring him as well.

The story comes out as a foreword for Wolves’ game against Bolton Wanderers, which can finally give Nuno the Championship title.