Out for the rest of the season, Steven Defour is currently in Belgium nursing his knee injury and recovering from the surgery he had that put an end to his season with Burnley.

Going down after the ball hit his knee, the midfielder revealed to Le Soir in his home country what his options were after a chat with the doctors about his damaged cartilage, and why he chose to end the campaign early, knowing he would most likely miss the World Cup.

He said: “I had three choices. Exercise the knee for six weeks without fixing the problem. Cleaning it out, but that too would cause it to probably return. Finally, I chose the operation that would force the creation of a new cartilage.

“I would be out for five months, I knew my season would be over knowing that I’d be able to play in the future without any pain”.

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Deciding to do his rehab over in Belgium, in Antwerp, instead of in Manchester, where he lives, Burnley doctors have been visiting him to check up on him and see how things are going.

Since the Premier League season will finish on May 13th and he isn’t expected to return to action until June, Defour understands his chances of making Roberto Martinez’s squad in the coming weeks.

He said: “I’m doing my best to come back as soon as possible even if I know that, in my head, being operational for the World Cup will be a difficult goal to reach”.

He hasn’t fully given up yet, and nor has the Belgium manager, who only yesterday stated the door wasn’t closed for the Burnley midfielder, and that he’d wait until the very last day to see if he would be available.