At Sport Witness, we try and stay as neutral as possible when covering stuff, but sometimes, it’s hard when someone comes across as nicely as Middlesbrough’s Julien de Sart does.

The 22-year-old, currently on loan away from Riverside to Zulte Waregem, has already given many interviews about his time at Middlesbrough and the changes he had to go through to adapt in England, and he’s now given an update.

Just over a year ago, he explained he’d gained around 3.5kg (just about over half a stone) since joining Middlesbrough that January, which was already quite impressive, but he’s gained even more since.

Speaking to RTBF after Zulte Waregem’s 3-1 loss to Nice in the Europa League, the young defensive midfielder let everyone know about his impressive gains.

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He said: “In England, I’ve learnt to manage my job, I discovered new ways of putting on muscles. I’ve put on 7kg (just over a stone) of muscle because I was too skinny. I took supplements… and no, it’s not doping!

“I also had to get used to their food habits: broccoli, sausages and tomatoes for breakfast. I struggled at first. Thankfully, they quickly gave me jam, and I managed to bring back some Belgian chocolate. It’s my little guilty pleasure.”

Currently really enjoying himself back in his home country following a mixed loan spell at Derby, the Middlesbrough player isn’t worried about having to come back to England in June.

In fact, he said: “I’ve never once regretted my choice, and if I have to return there at the end of the season, it will only be with happiness. I count my blessings everyday.”

Honestly, try not to like him. It’s really hard.