Paulo Fonseca has been one of the names linked with West Brom over the past week, after the club parted ways with Tony Pulis.

A quick succession of favourites were gone through, which allowed bookmakers to spread their liabilities regardless of who ends up getting the position, and Fonseca has been one of the names just outside that group.

But why? Perhaps it’s automatic, bookmakers have a list they roll out for next managers and fans then pretty much control the odds, led by media stories.

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With Fonseca, there’s not really much to keep it going or justify his inclusion. When linked with Everton in October, Fonseca had flirted with the prospect of a move to England, but there’s been nothing in that regard since.

Unlike at the time of the Everton rumours, the Ukraine press haven’t picked up West Brom claims, and the club most linked to Fonseca in the Ukraine over the past week has been PSG.

Fonseca to West Brom hasn’t seen any leaks to the Portuguese media either, or even any interest shown.