On Tuesday, we covered an interview given by Chelsea winger Willian to Brazilian outlet Gazeta Esportiva.

The player had claimed there are no news regarding his contract negotiations with the Blues, saying he doesn’t know if he’s staying at the club for next season.

It looks like that was just a part of the interview, since today, Gazeta Esportiva released a new story about Willian’s aspirations with the national team.

The 31-year-old claims he’s still to fulfil his biggest dream as a footballer, which is to win a World Cup with Brazil.

“No doubt! It’s a dream! I accomplished many, one of them was to wear the national team shirt, I did that, I hope to continue, to play in the World Cup. But I have this dream, which is the main thing, to be able to put it all together, wear the shirt and be champion,” Willian told Gazeta Esportiva.

Willian has played two World Cups, in 2014 and 2018, and claims the tournament is something unique.

“The World Cup is a totally different championship from the others, the qualifiers, the Copa America. Of course, Brazil have potential, squad, players, everything to win the World Cup again, but that will be with time, you have to think step by step and be careful. We are in the qualifiers, which is difficult. Only then we can we reach the goal. It’s the dream, the goal, I believe that of everyone.”

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Willian hadn’t been called up for the national team squad this year, even though those games have been postponed due to Coronavirus. But he claims he still has hope of being in the list in the future.

“I want to continue wearing the national team shirt, I was fine until that stop, playing well, I always maintained a very good regularity, each year improving, so my goal is to continue in the same way, well at the club. So I have great chances of wearing the national team shirt.”

But with everyone protecting themselves from Coronavirus for now, Willian says he’s not really thinking about football at the moment.

“Of course it’s good when you reach important numbers, this is certainly good for any athlete, we feel very proud, happy. But at the moment it doesn’t cross my mind, the moment really is to think about wellbeing, health, because with health you can do everything. It’s not just football.”

Willian has 70 appearances for Brazil, with nine goals and 15 assists. His only title was the Copa America in 2019.