Ruben Neves climbed another notch on the ladder to becoming a huge star this week as he scored a wondergoal for Wolves.

The Portuguese media have been going wild after the goal, already happily covering everything which happens at Wolves this season. There’s genuine Portuguese excitement about Wolves’ march to promotion and the part people from the country have played in it.

Neves’ goal has been praised worldwide, even in Brazil there’s been calls for the goal to be up for Fifa’s Puskas award, meaning people think it’s one of the best scored anywhere in the world this season.

Now the man himself has been speaking.

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Portugal’s TSF got a few words with the player and, after picking his brains about Porto’s big weekend match against Benfica, asked about THAT goal.

“There’s no explanation, it was a moment of inspiration, I try many times, I managed to make the goal. It was a corner, the ball was left, I controlled it a little poorly, but only thought to shoot and fortunately the shot went right.”

That’s an understatement.

As for his aims now, there’s two, Wolves and then Russia: “Any player thinks of being at the World Cup, my goal now is Wolverhampton and if Mr. Fernando Santos understands that I deserve an opportunity, any player has that goal.”