Ramon Cugat is one of the best known doctors in world football. Working in Barcelona and with the Quiron medical group, Cugat has looked at, and operated on, the knees of perhaps more top footballers than anyone else.

A string of Premier League players have been sent to see Cugat over the years, and Pep Guardiola relies on the medic’s expertise heavily for his Manchester City players. Any problems with a star at the Etihad and they’re quite often sent off to Barcelona for diagnosis and a treatment plan.

So what has any of this got to do with Leeds United?

Well, Carpi have sent Jerry Mbakogu to see Cugat, to find out if the striker can return to full training and start playing regularly again.

Leeds United’s deal to sign Mbakogu has been considered done in Italy for some time, and in February, Carpi’s general manager Matteo Scali was quoted as saying“There’s a gentleman agreement with Leeds for June.”

Gianni Rosati, an Italian director of sport, and ‘market expert’ according to Corriere Adriatico, spoke ahead of Carpi’s match against Ascoli last week, and said“For Ascoli it would be better if he doesn’t play, even if his head is now in England, at Leeds.”

Therefore, for Leeds, it’s quite important what happens with Mbakogu. Either they can look at the situation with optimism or try and find a way to wriggle out of the deal.

Tutto B carry a report from Il Resto del Carlino and say there’s ‘good news’ at Carpi, as Cugat has seen Mbakogu and given him the go-ahead to return. The striker travelled to Barcelona and will return to Italy on Monday.

What is good for Carpi on Mbakogu, is also good for Leeds United.