The story surrounding Alvaro Morata’s potential return to Italy may have died down over the past week or so, but that doesn’t mean it’s disappeared entirely.

With Milan awaiting the CFCB decision with regards to their punishment for breaching FFP regulations and Juventus focusing on signing players for their defence for now, there’s not been much to discuss lately.

Thankfully, and we use that term loosely, Il Bianconero decided to have a chat with a rapper named Rayden, who claims to be one of Alvaro Morata’s best mates, and what he had to say about the Chelsea striker’s situation was quite interesting.

The Italian musician explained how he first met the forward, at a party hosted by Luca Marrone, where he was asked to perform with the whole Juventus team present.

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There he started chatting with Morata, and he says he quickly realised the former Real Madrid striker wasn’t like everyone else.

Their friendship then seemingly blossomed, to the point where it’s now described as ‘brotherly’.

As for what could happen regarding Morata’s future, Rayden said: “I saw him on Sunday. He doesn’t just love Juventus, it’s more than that. He left a piece of his heart here, which means when he returns, it feels like home. However, there hasn’t even been an official enquiry from Juventus for him, as they have other priorities. 

“If the waltz of the strikers (on the market) were to start, however, there could be some glimmer of hope, but now it’s difficult. Chelsea, at the moment, could be the minor problem: an operation spreading the fee over several years. He would then reduce his wages for Juventus, absolutely. The quality of life with a family and friends here, it’s no comparison to London. He’d very happily return to Turin.”

If we are to take Rayden’s word, then Juventus have other fish to fry, meaning Morata isn’t their priority.

Considering they already have Gonzalo Higuain, and Mario Mandzukic appears to be willing to stay for at least an extra year, spending €60m or so on Morata probably isn’t the wisest of moves.