Today we have the classic clash between two Portuguese newspapers who bring different claims about a transfer.

While A Bola says Thiago Almada is a ‘guaranteed’ signing for Manchester City, O Jogo claims things got more complicated now.

Let’s start with the first one, since A Bola brings a big story and puts it on their front page. They say the player’s €16m release clause is about to be triggered, and that’s why he won’t escape.

It’s reported the negotiations have advanced in the past few days, and the deal is ‘practically closed’, about to be made official this week. Manchester City are set to buy the winger and loan him out to Sporting.

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It’s the player’s wish to make the move to Sporting and later to Manchester City. Now Velez try to take at least a percentage of a future transfer, since they believe his future could give them more money than the €16m now.

Meanwhile, O Jogo brings a totally different slant. They say Manchester City’s last bid for Almada has been rejected, and he’s getting ‘further away’ now.

It’s said that agent Agustin Jimenez met the Velez Sarsfield director Pablo Cavallero to discuss a new contract with a new release clause.

Also, the Argentine club’s president Sergio Rapisada has spoken to O Jogo, saying: “The offer did not match Velez’ expectations.”

That would mean the Premier League side didn’t meet the release clause.

So now we wait and see who’s right.