Per Mertesacker knows a great deal about English football.

Moving to Arsenal in 2011, he’s seen it all.

Now Arsenal Academy manager, he’s also a pundit for the German media.

And, let’s face it, he probably wants Borussia Dortmund to beat his old Gunners enemy Tottenham this week.

So there’s nobody better for the German media to talk to ahead of the Champions League clash on Thursday.

One of the interviews Mertesacker has given is to Kicker, and whilst they wanted to draw comments about Spurs being hit badly by Harry Kane and Dele Alli being out, the former Arsenal player made it clear Tottenham are still a strong force with plenty of threat.

There was one advantage he pinpointed for Borussia Dortmund, and German clubs in general when facing opposition from the Premier League: The lack of a winter break.

This is one factor BVB need to remember, think Mertesacker, to give themselves confidence of a victory over Spurs: “I’ve personally experienced what it’s like when the most intense month is December, when your body actually has to shut down to be fit for the crucial games in April, May. That’s why the English record in the last sixteen is so weak, the German clubs have to exploit that factor and keep up the pace, and they should not be intimidated.”

The English record isn’t quite that weak. In the past 15 years, English clubs have had nine places in Champions League finals, and German clubs four.