Unfortunately, much of the European media seems to think Northern England is still struggling with the aftermath of the industrial revolution.

When there’s a feature on clubs such as Burnley, the Sheffield sides, or Leeds United, the area is painted very much in a grey light. Gritty and poor, downtrodden but with good spirit.

When Pierre-Michel Lasogga moved to the Championship club on loan, Hamburger Abendblatt sent a journalist to check the place out and his report wasn’t exactly glowing.

Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia have quite a big article on Leeds United in their Tuesday edition, and it follows a similar theme.

The city is said to be a long way from its ‘Barcelona of the North’ heyday, and issues with immigration, and a straight split on Brexit are highlighted.

The club and Leeds itself are said to have been ‘in a deep state of depression’, having ‘no glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel’.

And then? Well then came Marcelo Bielsa of course, and now everything is much brighter.

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La Vanguardia don’t yet credit the Argentine with revolutionising the entire city, but they’re not far off. A picture is painted of the coach bringing light to darkness and providing hope where hope had been lost.

Whereas Bielsa approach hasn’t worked everywhere, it’s explained he ‘fits like a silk glove’ at Leeds.

And if promotion is achieved, playing a brand of football which La Vanguardia contrast with the general misery they suggest was around the place previously, then: ‘In Leeds he will be God.’