You may have missed it this summer, but Eibar midfielder Joan Jordan was very close to joining West Ham United.

The Hammers were keen on the centre midfielder and were on the verge of securing his signature before Sevilla nipped in and signed him for themselves.

There have been various reports about how close the Hammers were to getting the deal done, and Jordan has openly admitted he considered the move.

The 25-year-old has not held back on sharing details over the failed move to the London Stadium, particularly when it comes to sharing how much better his financial situation would have been.

He’s been busy talking about it again today and insisting that choosing Sevilla over West Ham was all about which club ticked more boxes.

“I had several offers, especially one that I had in mind and to leave; I had half decided to go to the Premier. The call of Seville changed everything,” he told ABC.

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“It may sound like I’m a***-kissing, but I don’t care, I would have earned a lot more in the Premier, but I wanted to come to Sevilla because they give me more as a club, a city, a team project… everything. 

“Sevilla ticked all the boxes in all aspects and going to the Premier did not. The quality of life that I was going to have here was not going to be there. 

“I knew I was going to be very happy here, for the moment I am, and I hope I can continue like this.”

As disappointed as West Ham were to miss out on this signings, what he’s said since, including these comments, should probably make them glad.

It doesn’t sound like Jordan was all that keen on the move to London, and after the incident with Dimitri Payet, the last thing they needed was another moody midfielder who didn’t want to be there causing issues in the dressing room.