Certain sections of the Spanish sports media seem to be building a narrative at the moment that all may not be well with Ivan Rakitic at Barcelona.

A similar thing is happening with Toni Kroos at Real Madrid, and for Rakitic the reason a potential exit is said to be possible is that he’s ‘sick of’ Ernesto Valverde, at least according to Don Balon.

The Kroos claims have only further encouraged Manchester United links, and now it’s the same for Rakitic, with Don Balon tucking in an article that the midfielder has ‘opened talks’ about a possible Old Trafford move.

Bayern Munich have been the side most linked with Rakitic, and there’s been fees thrown around of €80m. It’s probably not a surprise to learn this hasn’t really been covered in the German media.

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But Rakitic to Manchester United may be too tempting to ignore for the English tabloids, so don’t be shocked if the Don Balon claims prompt a string of Rakitic spin-off stories.

Whilst this is restricted to Don Balon it obviously means little, but it is intriguing how and why some in Spain want to build a narrative of Rakitic not being content at Barcelona.