Manchester United ‘intend to pay’ for Celta Vigo youngster Stefan Bajcetic rather than taking him on a free as is usually the case.

That’s according to Faro de Vigo, who back up claims that United are keen on the young defender.

We covered a report from La Voz de Galicia yesterday that stated Manchester United were in talks over the centre back and there was a ‘predisposition’ on both sides to get a deal done.

This included the line that his agent, Javier Villaverde, was insistent that the deal could not be completed unless Celta Vigo received compensation.

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Faro de Vigo now follow that up and say Manchester United are ‘willing to financially reward’ the Spanish club for ‘one of its pearls’.

They insist that Bajcetic ‘will not leave Vigo for free’ as United ‘want to compensate’ the club for signing the young central defender.

This is somewhat against the grain as recent history has seen Celta lose a plethora of young stars to other clubs.

The newspaper looks at this in detail, explaining how the likes of Brais Val, Raúl da Costa and Anwar Mediero have all secured moves away in the past.

Indeed last summer saw ‘a massive escape’ as Erik Bugarín, Yago de Santiago, Damián Canedo and Álex Cid all moved, the first two to the Premier League with Wolves and Tottenham respectively.

It’s something that has deeply annoyed Celtic president Carlos Mouriño, but this time around, Manchester United appear to be the good guys and want to ensure they pay their way to secure the latest young talent they’ve spotted.