Manchester United boss José Mourinho has spoken to the Brazilian media after his side’s 2-1 win over Watford this Saturday.

As the manager feels more comfortable speaking in Portuguese, these interviews normally have some quotes which the ones with the English media don’t.

So right after giving his views on the game, José Mourinho was asked by João Castelo Branco from ESPN about his recent disagreements with the English press.

“Just to give as an example last week, which was a week full of criticism of the number of games that Marcus Rashford does not play, according to them”, Mourinho told ESPN Brasil. “And then it comes to the conclusion that of all the young English players, selectable for the national team, so to speak, he’s the player who has more games played.”

“This clearly reflects that the goal is not to speak the truth, that the goal is to destabilize a group that works as you have seen today. That even in difficulty in the final part of the game, went to the end, fought for the three points.

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Asked why’s his team is under a media attack, he said: “Maybe United’s story and my story. United won a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot. And I also won a lot, a lot, a lot. Maybe people tire a little of it.”

“But at least we will continue to do our work and little by little we go, because we started really badly with two defeats. But we already have the same points as Arsenal, we already have the same points as Tottenham and we are getting there little by little.”

Mourinho has also spoken to Renato Senise from RedeTV after the match. He claimed that if the English media is fair, they will be know more focused on criticising Tottenham Hotspur for their recent form.

“Tottenham have now lost two straight. If there is equality of treatment, if there is equality in the way of looking and reporting, they will leave us calm and will start bothering others.”