We’re pretty used to seeing English clubs linked to random Brazilian players. Sometimes the news makes sense, sometimes not, but there’ll always be an eyebrow raising rumour coming from the Brazilian media.

A stranger thing is when these stories stay alive for so many years.

For quite a long time, Manchester City have been linked to the Grêmio forward Everton. According to reports from Brazil in 2016, the club started following the player at the age of 18, and were in no hurry to bring him to England so soon, maybe planning to sign him in 2017.

Everton obviously never signed, but the Citizens are back being mentioned in a story about him today.

UOL claims that Lazio is very interested in the 21-year-old, as they recently sent scouts to Brazil to keep an eye on him. The Italian side would be planning to evaluate him and maybe make a bid in the summer window.

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What UOL also says is that Lazio are not the only club interested in him, as Manchester City have also been following Everton for all these years.

Now have Manchester City made any recent contact or are they just assuming the interest still exists? That’s not clear in the story, and it would be surprising if Pep Guardiola has still not decided if he wants the player or not.