Prior to Dorival Junior’s first call up whilst in charge of Brazil’s national team, there had been some expectation about Nottingham Forest defender Murillo being included in the list.

Since the centre-back is having a good first season in the Premier League, many wondered whether he deserved a place, and he was even asked by ESPN Brasil about that.

Murillo ended up staying out of the list, but as UOL features columns from Danilo Lavieri and Walter Casagrande Jr. about the squad, both of them mention the Nottingham Forest player.

In the first one, Casagrande highlighted the defender’s skills and pointed out he has a lot of room to grow in his career.

“I think Murillo, Nottingham Forest’s young centre-back, should also have been called up because he plays more than one role. He’s a serious, strong, left-footed player who hits the ball very well, as well as being young and with potential for the future.”

In Lavieri’s words, it was claimed that Murillo is doing better than the other Murilo, who shares the same name and plays for Palmeiras.

“Murilo, from Palmeiras, had an excellent Brasileirão last year, but he’s not in his best form either. His almost namesake, Murillo, ex-Corinthians and now at Nottingham Forest, is in much better form and could have been remembered.”

With the Copa America now standing close, it becomes hard for Murillo to get a place in the team before the competition. For that to happen, he’ll have to have a very good end of season at Nottingham Forest and hope that Dorival Junior keeps an eye on him.