Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira has spoken to the Brazilian media once again this week.

This time, he’s been interviewed by Globo Esporte’s podcast GE Santos. As the name suggests, this is a show made for fans of Santos.

Andreas has always claimed it’s his wish to play for the Brazilian side in the future, and this time, he’s spent a little longer speaking of his love for them.

It started with reporters asking him about his plans following his time at Manchester United. The midfielder started saying there are few other clubs he’d like to play for, none of them in England.

“For now, I only dream of playing here. But of course, as a player, you would always like to play for another big club,” Andreas Pereira told Globo Esporte.

“I really like Barcelona and Real Madrid, they are top teams too. Bayern Munich. But at the moment I’m focused here at Manchester United. They provided everything for me since I was 16. So, I’d play here my whole life until I won everything here, then I’d go to Santos. So from here to play for another team in England, I think it’s difficult. I don’t think I’d do it. Not in England.”

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Quizzed if his move to Santos is something certain for the future, Andreas says he doesn’t want to wait a long time to fulfil his dream.

“For me, it’s certain already. I want to end my career at Santos, but I’m not thinking as many say, that I want to play for Santos when I’m old. No. I want to go to Santos to win. Win the Paulistão and everything possible. I’m not going there to retire and steal money. I’m going to play well and people say: ‘remember Andreas at Santos?’

“My entire family is Santista. Whenever we’re watching a Santos game, there’s a family group that keeps talking. There’s criticism too, right? (laughs). Since I was little, I grew up watching this. I was becoming a player and always dreamed of playing for Santos, but I went to Manchester, I grew up, then everyone said: ‘why won’t you play for our Santos?’. I want to go, but now I can’t. I want to do my football in Europe and then I go.”

Finally, asked about what would happen if Manchester United face Santos in the Club World Cup one day, Andreas Pereira says that would be a tough situation for him.

“Then it’d be complicated. No, but, if I had this situation… of course I will enter the game to win the game for Manchester United. But I would prefer that I didn’t even face Santos in the final. I was going to cheer for Santos, but I would be on Manchester United’s team playing. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t lose. I could only win. If Santos wins, if we win too.”