Earlier this week, we covered part of Ederson’s interview with Canal Pilhado, in which the Manchester City goalkeeper talked about his love of fighting.

The player brought some stories of the fun he’d had with teammates, including putting Yaya Touré in a wrestling hold.

Now as Pilhado released a second part of the interview today, it seems there’s more people at Manchester City who’ve been Ederson’s victims.

“I remember once here at City, in the pre-season, playing with the security guard. I took him and gave him a rear naked choke and dropped him on the floor,” Ederson told Pilhado.

“I said, ‘I’ll just let go when you tap your hand’. And he did nothing. And then he tapped and I released him. Well, the guys all laughed. And the security is big, hey.

“Ah, there was a defender, Philippe (Sandler, presumably). Once he came to play with me, I just gave him that dry punch. He took three steps back like that. Gabriel cried of laughing, Gabriel remembers that day. On his arm, he said he had a bump for three days, I cried of laughing.”

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There was a part of the interview in which Ederson claimed that goalkeepers must be ‘crazy’ for rival strikers to respect them. He used his incident against Liverpool’s Mané as a proof of it, but also revealed that sometimes the intimidation doesn’t work.

“The rival strikers. Hey, in the team there, when the guys will take a penalty, I say: if you do the Panenka, you know [what will happen].

“Damn, in the game against Chelsea in the Carabao final, Hazard did a Panenka, I was like, ‘son of a *****’ (laughs).”

“But he is, hey, the guy has to be confident to do that in the final. He’s amazing. I went crazy, I was annoyed.”

Asked which are the most difficult shots to stop, Ederson named a couple of Premier League stars who make things more difficult.

“There are some guys who shoot really well. United’s Rashford shoots very well. David Luiz’s free-kicks, that upturn, with the Carabao Cup ball still, the ball makes about eight turns, goes up, down, it looks like a turbulent plane, that ball is too bad.”

Ederson also accepted Pilhado’s challenge for a boxing fight, which will obviously be quite friendly, but they’re still to release that third video.