Despite all the mystery to talk about Reading’s offer last week, Vitória Guimarães manager Luís Castro now doesn’t mind explaining the reasons he rejected the Championship job.

In a pre-match press conference this Thursday, the manager has revealed why he stayed at the Portuguese side, claiming there’s been ‘an analysis’ of the situation.

“When we are in an institution, it’s normal that your human resources are contacted by another institution. In this case, there was an analysis, a reflection and a decision from the familiar, financial, career and institutional parameters,” Luís Castro said in the press conference (via A Bola).

“I work in an institution with a large social margin of support and a structure that does everything to give me the best working conditions. On the other hand, there was an institution that financially would be very good for the whole family, but I came to the conclusion that it was better to stay.”

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“My conversation with the club was not about my contract, but about going to Reading. The contract was never discussed because if this was the case I would have left.”

Earlier this week, the Portuguese press claimed that Castro is being much praised at Vitória for his decision, especially because he was supposed to get a huge pay raise at Reading, but decided to stick with the project.

With the club showing signs that they can fight for a Europa League spot this season, it’s been pointed out that one of the reasons why Castro chose to stay is that he can have the chance to move to a bigger club at the end of the season.