Mundo Deportivo have picked up claims from a book which has just been released about the ‘revolution’ at PSG.

In a section on Neymar moving to the French club, a Liverpool transfer offer is claimed from last summer. Not for the Brazilian, but equally outlandish.

According to the book, before Coutinho went to Barcelona, he’d previously been offered to Real Madrid last summer. Liverpool are said to have put forward €70m plus the now Barcelona player, in a bid to sign Gareth Bale.


Yep, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, according to the claims, wanted Bale so much they were prepared to not only put down a huge €70m offer, but also add who at that time was their star player.

It’s hard to believe the claims, and even work out the purpose for them. Whether this is an effort by someone, via a string of agents, to talk up the value of Bale would be unknown, but could be beneficial for Madrid as they likely look to sell the Welshman this summer.

A €70m offer from Liverpool isn’t unthinkable after Virgil van Dijk, but combined with their star player, and for Gareth Bale, well that’s a whole new thing.