Liverpool stars Alisson and Roberto Firmino have both spoken to ESPN Brasil ahead of the match against Tottenham Hotspur.

They’ve been interviewed by reporter João Castelo Branco, and the story ended up being a pretty casual chat between the three of them.

Regarding the match against Spurs, Firmino has claimed that this is one of his favourite games in the season.

“Yes. Last year we played three times. One team already know the other. The rivalry has been growing a lot. And I like to play against Tottenham, it’s always a good game. I hope it is a great game and we can do our job the best way.”

With Sadio Mané being chosen as African player of the year, Firmino and Alisson were asked if they’d pick him as Liverpool’s best player this season, but they disagreed.

“It’s hard to pick a player to vote for our team,” said Alisson. “I think the most common vote would be for Van Djik, because it was more evident what he did on the pitch. But in my opinion there’s a key guy for our team, which is Bobby. He’s a guy who scores, assists and makes the team play. When you take him off the team, he’s one of the hardest to replace.”

After hearing Alisson’s response, Firmino of course mentioned his friend: “In my view, it’s the back. Van Dijk, Alisson, Fabinho, all three there deserved a lot. I would vote among the three there.”

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Alisson is from the South of Brazil, and Firmino from the North East. So they spent part of the interview with ESPN talking about the differences in food and slang of each region.

Speaking of songs they like, Firmino said he’s not the best singer between the two, but he’d be the one who’d follow the career of an artist.

“He sings better. But I like to sing a lot. I tell people that if I wasn’t a player, I would be a singer. Even with the bad voice, I would sing.”

And Alisson said he could join him: “I would play the guitar, I would do the second voice.”