Liverpool midfielder Pedro Chirivella has heaped praise on manager Jürgen Klopp, saying the German has a way of making you believe what he is saying.

Klopp in undoubtedly one of the top managers in the game with his ability to build a team spirit and belief second to none.

It’s something we’ve seen throughout his career, with him building a groundswell of support at the club and riding that wave. He did it at Borussia Dortmund and enjoyed success and has now replicated it at Liverpool.

What that means is players are often more than enamoured by him, with the vast majority praising him to the hilt when asked for their opinion.

Chirivella is one of them, revealing the belief in Liverpool’s squad is all down to the manager.

“Klopp is very demanding, but he makes you believe what he tells you,” Estadio Deportivo report him saying.

“That’s very important in a squad. It is one of the key points of the team.

“He treats us all equally, and one of the strengths of the team is the friendship between all of us. He’s partly responsible.”

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For now, Chirivella and his Liverpool teammates find themselves in isolation as a result of Coronavirus epidemic spreading across Europe.

The Premier League is currently suspended until the outbreak can be brought under control, with the deadline for its return already pushed back on several occasions.

Currently, it appears the season will not be completed until the middle of the summer at best, and Chirivella says they’ve been told they could play in June.

“We have been told that we will be training separately until the middle of May,” he said.

“Then three or four weeks training with the group and if we can, we could play in June.

“They must take it step by step because until you have a date, you see it far away.

“You have to work like everyone else, not feel inferior to anyone else, and that way, if things go well, they can become so.”