Denmark’s football mess continues.

A dispute over commercial terms means there’s no national squad right now, with games coming up against Slovakia and Wales during the current international break.

After months of negotiations over a new deal, no answer has been found, and given the old agreement has expired, it means none of the players have the clearance to play for the national team.

There is no Danish squad.

Christian Eriksen has been at the forefront of it all, with the Tottenham star releasing statements via the player’s association. The DBU, Denmark’s FA, clearly feel they’ve been pushed too much and have called off all talks.

That means they’ve been looking for an alternative team to face Slovakia on Wednesday and Danish newspapers BT and Ekstra Bladet both state the side may be made up mainly of players from Denmark’s futsal team.

The Tottenham player has released another statement, and Ekstra Bladet published it: “Let’s move on, DBU. We again offer a temporary extension of the old agreement – and then we travel to Slovakia today. All together, the whole national team. Together we enter the agreement, and together we save the face of Danish football. We are right here and want to play football for Denmark – as always.

“We have to solve this conflict now, not just digging the ditches deeper. So we’re happy to stretch our hand out again, even though DBU put it away at the first try: Let’s renew the old deal by one month. Then we have organised relationships right now and we are prepared to play the international matches this week. And then we have time after the two international matches to negotiate the entire agreement in place. It does not make sense if DBU does not accept that offer. The agreement has been working for years and should only run one month longer. Sign up and we will sit on the plane immediately. We are ready and we will play.”

The mess continues and if the DBU don’t take up Eriksen’s offer then the futsal team may get an opportunity they never thought would come.