When in March, Leicester City’s Adrien Silva suggested in an interview that the problems with his transfer had been down to Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho, rather than either of the clubs as an entity, it wasn’t going to take long for Bruno to respond.

Taking to his favoured communication tool of Facebook, Bruno went on a rant, which can be shortened to: ‘An interview that I hope is mistranslated, because hearing that Adrien is disappointed with me is to laugh or to cry, depending on the state of mind.

*it was Leicester’s fault etc etc*

‘Anyway, I hope that the translation is all wrong, because if it is correct I already say that Sporting CP failed very much in the work of making him a man.’

It wasn’t a surprise, Bruno has a well deserved reputation of being a bit of a character (other words are available).

Over the past week the Sporting president has slammed his players and questioned their professionalism after they lost 2-0 away to Atletico Madrid. Then suspended the majority of the squad when they dared to take to social media themselves, in unison, and ask for more support from the club’s chief.

Bruno then revoked the suspension, so Sporting had players available for their Sunday match, but made it publicly clear he blamed the more senior ones and punishment was on the way.

Then, as he always does, Bruno sat on the bench throughout the match, with Sporting beating Pacos at home, but when he tried to get off the bench at full-time, his back went. That led to him being helped away, and then an image was leaked, which Bruno blames on an unnamed player, of the club president getting a back massage.

Adrien Silva has been asked what he makes of the drama at his former club, and Record quote the Leicester City midfielder as saying he’s feeling ‘hurt and fear’ for Sporting.

They then went on to quote the longer version: “I saw all this with sadness, but also with some fear for what could happen. The squad will continue to do what it does best, which is to fight for the jersey and Sporting.”

Since this morning, Bruno de Carvalho has had three more Facebook rants before declaring he’s not going to be using the platform any longer.