After Adrien Silva spoke to The Guardian this weekend, there was one of his quotes that didn’t make any noise in England, but caused quite a big repercussion in Portugal.

Asked by the newspaper about hard feelings for the problems with his transfer to Leicester City, Adrien said “not with Sporting, but with the president”.

That made several headlines in the Portuguese press, and was enough for Sporting boss Bruno de Carvalho to hit back.

On his Facebook page, as he traditionally does, Bruno de Carvalho had a big post this Sunday night speaking of several subjects. The biggest paragraph was saved for Adrien, who he claims to be very disappointed with.

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The president said he expects it to be a mistranslation, as he didn’t think that Adrien would be someone to turn his back on him after years of a good relationship between the two of them.

Here’s what Bruno had to say about the Leicester City player:

‘An interview that I hope is mistranslated, because hearing that Adrien is disappointed with me is to laugh or to cry, depending on the state of mind.

‘So his new club was that the one that delayed for 14 seconds, because they didn’t want to sign our version of the contract, as they wanted to write everything the same but in the paper of their club.

‘Then, without having any responsibility, I gave orders to my legal department to help Leicester to try to solve the case with FIFA. Then he came to Lisbon to be honoured at the stadium where he had been living with me and my family. Not to mention a game that he left on a stretcher and where there was a serious injury on the area of the spine, and I was by his side and in contact all night with his family to calm them and to make them the point of the situation.

‘Anyway, I hope that the translation is all wrong, because if it is correct I already say that Sporting CP failed very much in the work of making him a man. And I hope I do not have to talk about it any more, and that Adrien has the honest and manly gesture of coming to mend all this message that has gone out and that in no way corresponds to the truth.’

Adrien probably shouldn’t have expected any less from Bruno de Carvalho.