Earlier this week Argentine newspaper El Dia, who have been ahead of everyone with the situation from the start, reported Juan Foyth to Tottenham could be back on.

That was based on nothing more than the player’s desire to join Tottenham instead of PSG, with Foyth dragging out a move to France for as long as possible.

Mauricio Pochettino had spoken to the young defender and convinced him of a worthy role at Tottenham, but Spurs then pulled out of the race and left it to PSG.

Despite Foyth giving Tottenham every chance to return, and El Dia even reporting contact between Estudiantes and Spurs, it seems like he’s now given up and is set to sign for PSG.

On Thursday El Dia report Foyth could be a matter of hours away from PSG, despite a ‘last minute operation’ to send the player to Tottenham instead.

That’s not the newspaper claiming Tottenham have swooped in with a late effort, more about the desire of Foyth to get to Spurs instead, and Estudiantes being ready to help with that.

Still, Tottenham haven’t budged.

It would have to be assumed Spurs are therefore confident of signing other targets, namely Davinson Sanchez, instead.